Junior Assembly Activities

DPS 122




“ Wherever there is a human in need, there is an opportunity for kindness to make a difference” with this beautiful thought students of Class 4 conducted a special assembly on Christmas.
The assembly began by invoking the blessings of the Almighty followed by enlighting thoughts shared by children.
The students performed a small skit showcasing how one can find happiness by bringing a smile on someone’s face by doing something without expecting anything in return.
The aim behind the skit was to emphasise how one needs to place service before self by small acts that could make a big difference in someone’s life.
The children also talked and feeling associated with the winter festival of Christmas like being cheerful, honest, respectful, idealistic, selfless, trustworthy, majestic, affectionate, and sincere.
To spread joy and happiness a Christmas song in French was sung by the children.
On this occasion the Principal wishes the children a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
The assembly concluded by spreading the message of warmth and love we have experienced today in our hearts and sharing it with others.


The school campus reverberated with joy and enthusiasm as students, teachers, and staff gathered in the assembly area to commemorate the festival of Dussehra. The occasion, celebrated with immense fervor, served as a vibrant reminder of the triumph of good over evil.
The class assembly buzzed with excitement as students of Class V B hosted a vibrant and insightful assembly commemorating the joyous festival of Dussehra. The theme centered around the triumph of good over evil, the righteousness and valour of Lord Rama and the eventual defeat of evil.
Talented artists of V-B energetically presented a captivating skit enacting the tale of Lord Rama’s victory over the demon king Ravana. The colorful costumes and enthusiastic performances made the ancient times come alive. Talented dancers of V B showcased a mesmerizing dance performance portraying the jubilation and festive fervour of Dussehra. The rhythmic beats and graceful movements enthralled everyone present.
On this occasion the Principal wishes the children for Dussehra.
As the assembly drew to a close, the message of unity and goodness prevailed. Students bid farewell with cheerful greetings of 'Happy Dussehra,' carrying the spirit of the festival and its teachings beyond the assembly area, into their classrooms and throughout the school.


"Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teach." - Malala Yousufzai
To honour the hard work, dedication, and invaluable contributions of teachers in shaping the future of students, Teachers' Day was celebrated with a Special Assembly at Delhi Public School , Sector-122. Noida , brought together by students of Class 3, to express their gratitude towards teachers.
The celebration began with prayer by the newly elected Head Girl of the school, ChahakTripathi. Students showcased their creativity and talent by presenting a skit in honour of various great teachers of our country. This was followed by rendition of a song and poems The students' efforts were met with thunderous applause from the teachers and students.
Principal Ma’am wished a very Happy Teacher’s day to all the teachers and appreciated the efforts of the students who conducted a very meaningful assembly ,also announcing that next year’s teachers day assembly would be organised by the school cabinet.Later,the newly formed student cabinet enacted as teachers in the classrooms. Handmade cards and drawings were presented to the teachers by the students as an expression of their appreciation and gratitude towards their teachers, who continue to inspire and guide the students on their educational journey.

‘INDEPENDENCE DAY’, Date: 15th August, 2023

“Freedom is not just a word; it’s a feeling that unites us all. Let’s keep the spirit of independence alive in our hearts.”
India's Independence Day is observed on August 15. On this day, we honour the heroic freedom fighters who gave their lives in the fight for our independence. This day in 1947 saw the end of British sovereignty over India. To mark this significant day, celebrations were galore in Delhi Public School, sector 122, Noida. to honour 77th Independence Day. Hon’ble Principal Ms Vibha Singh hoisted the national flag.
On this occasion, an array of activities were organized in the school like, art competition ,patriotic poem recitation, role play of freedom fighters, poster-making ,mock elections, dance drama named, ‘Naye bharat ka chehra’, patriotic group song- Swaranjali. This enabled children to demonstrate their talents, learn about the rich legacy of the nation, and exhibit their love for India. It was followed by words of benediction by Principal ma’am who, reminded the students about their sacred duty towards the nation, which is paying homage to the motherland by being honest, keeping the surroundings clean, following the motto of our school. ‘Service before self”. She also informed the students about India being ‘one nation’ means all differences of language, region and religion disappear as we are bound together by one flag, tiranga. All of us should aspire to take our country to great heights. The Independence Day celebrations culminated on a positive note.

EARTH DAY’S ASSEMBLY , 20 April, 2023

“My mission is to create a world where we can live in harmony with nature.”
• To inspire, educate and motivate children to act, a special assembly was held on 20th April to commemorate Earth Day.
• The assembly began with prayer followed by the thought giving a message on earth day.
• The melodious choir sang on human’s initiative to save Earth. Captivating colourful and mesmerising presentation was given by the students through dance with the message “Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference”.
• Children also presented a skit with their enthralling performance giving a strong message that “Earth rejoices our words, breathing and peaceful steps. Let every breath, every word and every step make the mother earth proud of us.”
• Environment news was shared on (DAGGER) model developed by NASA to forecast geomagnetic disturbances. Post this, the child recite a soulful poem with the message to save Earth.
• Theme of the earth day Earth Day 2023 “Invest in Our Planet.” with the brief history of the day were shared.”
• Sustainability is the answer to sustainable prosperity’ was impact fully depicted by the students through seventeen sustainable goals on placards.
School has expanded with the addition of new students. They were invited to introduce themselves.
At the end respected Principal ma’am enlighten the students with the praise for their performances. She conveyed a strong message on how to act to save our Earth.



REPUBLIC DAY, 26 January, 2023

"Democracy is not merely a form of government. It is primarily a mode of associated living, of conjoint communicated experience. It is essentially an attitude of respect and reverence towards fellow men." - Dr B.R Ambedkar
Delhi Public School, Sector 122,Noida celebrated 74th Republic Day as ‘Constitution Day’ with great patriotic fervour on 26th January, 2023 to affirm love, allegiance and respect for India. The programme commenced with the unfurling of the tricolour by the Principal Ms Vibha Singh accompanied by Head Mistress Ms Anuradha Ganguli, followed by the National Anthem. There was a large gathering of students and teachers The assembly began with a ‘Saraswati Vandana’ followed by a talk-show wherein the students were informed about as to why India is called a’ Republic’. The role of Dr B R Ambedkar, as the father of constitution together with, the contribution of Sardar Patel, whose efforts made India united, known as ‘The Iron man of India’ was emphasised upon. The importance of bravery awards given for exemplary courage to the children from all over the country was also highlighted... Students enthralled the audience with their soulful rendition of the song ‘Jai Jan Bharat’. Colourful regional dance performances by the students of classes five and six, depicted the rich culture and heritage of the states of Rajasthan, Gujral, Punjab and Kashmir thereby showcasing the unity in diversity.
To sharpen the intellect and to arouse the interest of students, a quiz based on our constitution was conducted in which the students participated wholeheartedly. Principal Ma’am enlightened the students with her words of wisdom and benediction that students need to imbibe two basic qualities in them. that is their rights and duties. She guided the students that as a student they need to respect each other and be gracious to their parents, teachers, and fellow students, be punctual and respectful and to obey all the teachers and their parents who are their guardians.
She informed that National festivals should also be treated with the same fervour and enthusiasm as our religious festivals. Students displayed their talent in a ‘Talent quest’ followed by a video on Constitution of India. The assembly culminated with a ‘Prabhat Pheri ‘where students walked through the school premises, raising slogans expressing their love for the Nation and the Tricolour. Sweets were distributed to the students to mark the festivities and zeal of our 74th Republic Day.

Perseverance, Date: 13th October [Class V-A]

The students of class 5 A presented a very meaningful skit in a humorous way on the topic "Perseverance" in the assembly. The aim of the skit was to inspire students to keep working hard to attain their goals even in the wake of failure. An example of Perseverance was shared by linking it to the former President of India and eminent scientist Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam's life. This was also a tribute to Dr. kalam as his birthday happened to be in the same week. A motivational song 'Never Give Up' was sung to inspire children to never give up.
Last but not the least, a quiz based on the topic of the assembly and news was conducted with a lot enthusiasm.
Children of class 5 were able to convey their message successfully.


Gandhi Jayanti, Date: 30th September [Class III]

On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, a special assembly was held in D.P.S. Noida, Sec 122 ,to pay a special tribute to the ‘Father of Our Nation’.
The highlight of the assembly were anecdotes from Gandhiji’s life as a musical dance drama by the students of classes III A & B. It depicted our freedom struggle and the role Gandhiji played to help us achieve our prized freedom. This was, particularly, useful for our young audience who are only slowly becoming aware of the acute hardships our forefathers faced as they struggled to free our motherland.
The presentation gave the children an insight into the life and times of Gandhiji and encouraged them to think about the values of sacrifice and freedom. Following this, the children enacted a few important incidents from his life such as the work done by him for Indians in South Africa, the Swadeshi and Quit India Movements, etc.
The young audience was also told about the Dandi March, and about Bapu’s belief that one must lead a simple but noble life. Students enacted and informed about the three monkeys of Gandhiji - Say No Evil, Hear No Evil, See No Evil in Whatever we do . The students were informed about the teachings of Gandhiji that , cleanliness is most important for physical well-being and a healthy environment. Also, it is essential for everyone to learn about cleanliness, hygiene, sanitation and the various diseases that are caused due to poor hygienic conditions. And that habits learnt at a young age get embedded into one's personality.
The International Day of Non-Violence is observed on 2 October, the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, leader of the Indian independence movement and pioneer of the philosophy and strategy of non-violence.
The entire amphitheatre resonated with the slogans, ‘Do or Die’, ‘Angrezon Bharat Chodo’, ‘Karo Ya Maro’ used by Gandhi and other freedom fighters during those times. The play concluded with another beautiful song ‘Bande me tha dam, Vande Mataram’ which invoked the spirit of the unforgettable sacrifice. The special assembly culminated with a quiz based on the life of Mahatma Gandhi.
The assembly was presided by Respected Principal Maam who gave the children a vision on the significance of morality, truth, non-violence, cooperation, mutual respect, and sacrifice. It ended on a positive note.


Topic- Gratitude , Date: 1st September [Class IV-C]

Morning assembly undoubtedly holds a significant position out of all the routine activities in school. Probably it’s the first platform which is provided to young minds, boosting their confidence towards public speaking and imbibing a feeling of team spirit in their young minds. Keeping up with the same, the students of class 4C conducted their class assembly on August 25, 2022.The topic of the assembly was ‘Gratitude’ which means to be thankful for what we have. The assembly commenced with the Morning Prayer by the Respected Principal Ma’am followed by a prayer song.
Next, the students spoke the thoughts for the day along with a new word learnt. This was followed by a story narration along with enactment with props on the assembly’s topic followed by news headlines. To uphold the interest of the audience, a quiz was also organized. Last but not the least, Principal Ma’am motivated the students with her encouraging words of wisdom. The assembly culminated with the rendition of the National Anthem.


Honesty, Date: 4th August [Class VI]

"Speak with honesty'
Think with sincerity'
'Act with integrity'
A milestone was carved as the first ever assembly of DPS, Sector , 122 Noida was organized in the school's amphitheatre on 4th August, 2022, by students of class VI A.
The assembly began with the thought for the day, news headlines and a short skit on 'honesty'. A prayer was followed by an informative quiz by Class VI students followed by Principal madam's words of wisdom.
The assembly culminated on a positive note with the rendition of the National Anthem.