In the grand tapestry of educational institutions, DPS School Sector 122 Noida stands as a beacon of enlightenment, nurturing not just academic excellence but also fostering the rich tapestry of India's cultural heritage. As the sun ascended gracefully on the horizon of January 26, 2024, the school grounds reverberated with palpable excitement and patriotic fervor as it commemorated the hallowed occasion of Republic Day in conjunction with an exuberant Sports Day extravaganza.
The day commenced with an aura of solemnity and reverence, as the Principal Ms Vibha Singh, the esteemed custodian of wisdom and guidance, unfurled tthe tri colour in the school ground in the presence of students and teachers. The National Anthem was sung by all as the flowers descends from the unfurled flag.The subsequent special assembly unfolded like a meticulously choreographed symphony, each segment seamlessly blending into the next, weaving a narrative of unity in diversity and reverence for our constitutional ethos. The assembly began with a rendition of the patriot song, 'Yugoon yugoon se' followed by the captivating radio show, wherein the revered figure of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar conversed with the radio jockey, served as a poignant reminder of the visionary architect who sculpted the contours of our democracy inspite of difficulties he faced through out his life. A nukkad natak, adorned with vibrant hues and heartfelt emotions, unfolded before the audience's eyes, eloquently elucidating the sacrosanct principles of secularism enshrined in our Constitution. Amidst the festivities, Principal maam graced the podium and her words akin to pearls of wisdom cascading effortlessly, inspiring all present to imbibe the virtues of integrity, empathy, and resilience. With hearts brimming with pride and souls ablaze with fervor, the assembly dispersed, making way for the jubilant first Sports Day of the school with releasing of bunch of tri coloured balloons in the sky by our Principal ma'am. From hurdles to ball balancing, from the crocodile walk to the adrenaline-pumping power lift dash, each event was a testament to the participants' grit and determination marked another milestone for school. A spectacular yoga performance by the students highlighted the significance of practicing yoga everyday. Not to be outdone, the revered mentors of the institution, the teachers, took to the track in a display of camaraderie and sportsmanship, reaffirming the adage that age is but a number in the pursuit of excellence. The crescendo of the day's festivities reached its zenith with a breathtaking display of human pyramids by the students, intertwined with acrobatics and gymnastics, a testament to the harmonious blend of strength, agility, and coordination.
As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm glow upon the jubilant faces of students and faculty alike, DPS School Sector 122 Noida stood as a testament to the indomitable spirit of unity, resilience, and fraternity that defines the ethos of our nation. The Republic Day celebrations intertwined seamlessly with the Sports Day extravaganza, creating memories that shall endure in the annals of time, inspiring generations to come to uphold the values of our great nation.


Delhi Public School, Sec-122, Noida, organized its first Annual Production on 3rd December, 2023; bringing to life the exemplary saga of the visionary Queen of Malwa in “Ahilya Bai Holkar: Kartavya, Tyag aur Rashtra prem ki amar gatha”. The entire presentation, was woven around the theme of nationalism and a deep pride in our culture and history. The play, directed by renowned director, Shri Atul SAtya Kaushik, was staged in the impressive HRDC , DPS Society, auditorium.
The welcoming tunes of the Swagat geet, based on raag Malkaus, presented by the school choir, filled the atmosphere with the spirit of joy and celebration. Setting the mood for the play, the school choir created magic yet again, with a melodious rendition of Bharat anokha rag hai - that mellifluously conjured an image of “Atulya Bharat”.
The highlight of the event was the play by students of classes III-VIII, on Ahilya Bai Holkar- that was a poignant portrayal of the life of the legendary queen, Ahalya Bai Holkar and how she faced the trials and tribulations of her life to emerge as a strong and resolute leader. The live performances by the students, among elaborate sets and dramatic lighting, left the audience spell-bound.
In his address, Chief Guest ,Shri V.K Shunglu, Vice Chairman, D.P.S Society pointed out that Ahilya Bai, despite being a commoner, stands out in history as a beacon of good governance. He also appreciated the way the young school was making good progress.
Presiding over the event, Shri B.K Chaturvedi, Chairman, D.P.S Society and the Chairman,SMC, DPS Sector 122, Noida, applauded the efforts of the students and staff in making the event successful.
In her speech, the Guest of honor, Ms. Vrinda Sarup, Vice Chairperson, SMC, DPS Sector 122, Noida lauded the school’s efforts at choosing as its theme the life of an extraordinary ruler and exhorted everyone to emulate her values of fairness, empathy, and service to humanity.
The Principal, Ms.Vibha Singh pointed out how participation in the play was an excellent opportunity for the students to imbibe the DPS motto of Service before Self, experientially.
proposed the vote of thanks. The event drew to a close after the Vote of Thanks followed by the National Anthem.


World Animal Day is observed on 4 th October every year to commemorate the animal rights and their welfare. To sensitize the students about the animals that they should save and take care of them, various activities were planned for the students of Prep class. The students were shown the PPT about various types of animals. They enjoyed drawing and colouring of animals using 2D shape in their art file, with the help of origami they made a tiger face. The students brought pictures of animals and did sorting activity in class to understand the concept of wild, farm and aquatic animals. The week was full of enthusiasm and awareness where the students got to know various amazing facts and gained knowledge about different animals. Also it was a great initiative by the little ones to pledge “Great or small – Love them all”


Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teach. Malala Yousufzai
To honour the hard work, dedication, and invaluable contributions of teachers in shaping the future of students, Teachers' Day was celebrated with a Special Assembly at Delhi Public School, Sector-122. Noida, brought together by students of Class 3, to express their gratitude towards teachers.
The celebration began with prayer by the newly elected Head Girl of the school, ChahakTripathi. Students showcased their creativity and talent by presenting a skit in honour of various great teachers of our country. This was followed by rendition of a song and poems The students' efforts were met with thunderous applause from the teachers and students.
Principal Ma’am wished a very Happy Teacher’s day to all the teachers and appreciated the efforts of the students who conducted a very meaningful assembly,also announcing that next year’s teachers day assembly would be organised by the school cabinet. Later, the newly formed student cabinet enacted as teachers in the classrooms. Handmade cards and drawings were presented to the teachers by the students as an expression of their appreciation and gratitude towards their teachers, who continue to inspire and guide the students on their educational journey.


The Investiture ceremony of the new school cabinet for the session 2023 24 was held on August 26, 2023 with great enthusiasm and fervour. The Chief Guest for the event was Shri B.K. Chaturvedi, Hon’ble Chairman of The DPS Society, who graced the occasion with his distinguished presence. The ceremony unfolded under the backdrop of unity, discipline, and reverence.
The proceedings initiated with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp, symbolizing the dispelling of ignorance through the flame of knowledge. A harmonious rendition of Hindustani classical music resonated, evoking a seasonal atmosphere as the school choir presented welcoming tunes.
Addressing the significance of leadership, the Principal delivered her welcome address, emphasizing the values of integrity, inclusivity, and the pivotal role of a guiding force. A vibrant dance performance followed, representing the spirit of rejuvenation and the message of hope associated with the spring season.
The school's role in nurturing values that persist throughout life was underscored, with an acknowledgment of the Chairman's and Principal's catalytic impact on positive change. The event transitioned into the investiture phase, where the school cabinet members were presented with badges and flags, symbolizing their responsibility and leadership roles.
Amidst applause, the names of the students of the School Cabinet for the academic year were announced, representing a diverse group of students ready to exemplify conscientious leadership. The Chairman administered the oath to the cabinet, who pledged to uphold integrity, compassion, and courage in their roles.
In his inspiring speech, the Chairman shared his wisdom and blessings, acknowledging the cabinet's journey and their potential to make meaningful contributions. The Head Boy and Head Girl expressed heartfelt gratitude in the vote of thanks, emphasizing the ideals of service and selflessness.
The ceremony concluded on a reverent note with the National Anthem, underscoring the unity and pride in the nation. The event left an indelible mark, signifying the beginning of a new chapter of responsible leadership within the school community.


Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.
DPS Sector 122 celebrated its first Foundation Day on 5th July,2023 . The school wore a festive look with colourful buntings and decorations adorning the foyer, corridors , and classrooms. Children were involved in various creative activities to mark the occasion.
A special presentation was put up for the children in the school’s Multi-purpose Hall. The event commenced on an auspicious note with the lighting of the lamp. The school choir enthralled one and all with a motivational song that echoed the sentiment of bringing about a transformation in the world by being the change. This was followed by a dance drama- Asha ki Kiran , that depicted the year –old school with metaphors of a growing sapling and also an educational edifice that rests on the building blocks of lofty values. The vibrant presentation was a veritable treat to the eyes. The Principal, Mrs. Vibha Singh congratulated the students on the milestone achieved by the school. She elicited responses from students , asking them how they could do their bit to mark the occasion. She also explained to them the relevance of being gifted a pencil on this day.
The programme was once again presented in front of the parents of cabinet members and participants on 6th July, 2023. Speaking on this occasion, the Principal exhorted the parents to be actively involved with the functioning of the school in a constructive manner. Tracing the illustrious journey of the Delhi Public School Society from its genesis to its present stature, she apprised the parents about the ambitious vision envisaged for the school and the impressive infra- structure projects such as various state of the art sports facilities, fully equipped auditorium and a swimming pool, which would be operational from the coming session.
The proud parents of the school left the school enthused with the promise of the school attaining great heights in the future.


“A parent is a teacher at home and a teacher is a parent in school and the child is the centre of our universe.”
An orientation Programme cum Open House was held for the parents of Prep students on May 20th 2023.The purpose of the same was to acquaint the parents with the methodologies which are implemented by the teacher to deliver any concept. The teachers gave an overview of the various subjects along with the activities which they conduct in the day to day class. The parents were given a glimpse of the curriculum in an elaborated way to make them understand that DPS Sector 122, aims at full utilisation of a child’s potentials and talents which helps in his/her overall development. Along with this, the parents were taken to the amphitheater for the free play, they were also given an overview of the basement activities by the Sports teacher. They were taken to the Infirmary where they were briefed by the doctor. Parents enjoyed the hands on activities of five senses in the Activity room.
The orientation programme proved to be a sincere effort made by the school in educating the parents to look after and guide their children in a proper manner. It also helped in evolving a common teaching strategy and helped the parents in identifying suitable follow up methods to reinforce the learning process of their children.


“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs but not every man’s greed” -Mahatma Gandhi. Earth is the only blue planet which has life. To protect its natural beauty and to maintain a clean and healthy environment we need to know the ways in which the conditions of the Earth can be improved and preserved. A small step in this direction was taken by DPS Sector 122, Noida by organizing various events, from 19thApril to 21st April for the students of Class II-VIII.
On 19th April short videos were shown to students focussing on the natural resources of the Earth and how their misuse has led to its destruction. The videos conveyed to the children, the importance of Earth Day Celebrations and its genesis. This was followed by discussions and brainstorming on the ways to conserve the planet and what a student role should be in this regard. On 20th April a Special Assembly was held on the theme ‘Earth Day’ by the students of Class VII and VIII. In the assembly all aspects of pollution - water, soil, air- were shown through a dance drama.
On 21st April Classes 2-5 had the following competitions-
Class II – ‘Eco minions’ a competition to show and talk about an eco-friendly product was conducted.
Class III – ‘Feeder for Feathers’ a competition to make bird feeders from eco-friendly items was held.
Class IV – ‘Recycup’ a competition to design a product from non-biodegradable materials was held in which students participated enthusiastically.
Class V – ‘Eco empowerment’ was a competition of designing T-shirts with a meaningful slogan to showcase the need to be eco-friendly.
Classes VI - VIII participated in slogan writing followed by a Nature Walk in the school compound. They were happy to spread their messages through slogans and paintings.
Students identified more than 30 ornamental plants along with their scientific names and were really overjoyed to know the abundant variety of fauna in the school while on their Nature walk. These celebrations made every student realize that the mother Earth is God’s best gift to man. It must be preserved, and students must contribute their bit to keep the Earth clean and green,



An orientation programme was conducted by DPS Sec 122, Noida to welcome the parents of new the new entrants to classes Nursery and Prep on 31 March, 2023 and for the new admissions to Classes I to VIII, on 29 March, 2023. The aim of the programme was to introduce the parents to the DPS culture, ethos and strong values which forms the foundation of the school system.
The parents were welcomed warmly by the teachers who presented a welcome badge and a folder containing relevant information pertaining to the school.
The programme commenced with the traditional lighting of the ceremonial lamp, followed by the welcome address by the principal, Mrs Vibha Singh. Iterating the school’s commitment towards the holistic development of its students, she guided the parents on how to nurture their children by not only focusing on academics but also on instilling important life –skills. She specified how the collaborative efforts of the school and home, parents and teachers would certainly help the child in blossoming to his full potential. The school choir presented a perfect amalgamation of innovative musical instruments and a song, which enthralled the audience. This was followed by invocation of the blessings of Lord Ganesh in the form of a mesmerizing dance performance.
The team of teachers were introduced by the Senior Co-ordinator. A team of teachers put up a puppet show, with an enactment of the timeless story of the hare and the tortoise. This snippet was just one of the many tools that teachers employ to make the learning process meaningful and wholesome. The school counsellor also apprised the parents on the nuances of effective parenting.
Finally, after being served tea and snacks, the parents were guided to meet the teachers in allotted rooms, to address any query that they had. The programme served its purpose of welcoming parents of new admissions and apprising them with the DPS culture and the rules and regulations of the school.





Amidst sparkling lights and a myriad of hues, the first cultural fiesta of Delhi Public School Sec 122, Noida took place on 23 and 24 December 2022, wherein the first in-house production – ‘A Child’s Wish’ was brought to life on stage through an amalgamation of graceful dances accompanied by theatrical presentation by the children of Nursery to Class II.
The school put up a specially constructed stage, with exceptional lighting and sound effects and an LED screen portraying the backdrop of each scene. Coupled with live play, music and dance, the ambience was electrifying and provided the perfect atmosphere for the audience to ponder upon their duty to save the environment for the future generation.
Dr Hari Krishan Paliwal, IAS, Advisor to the Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh and Member of Managing Committee DPS Sec 122, Noida graced the occasion as the chief guest on 23 December 2022. In his address to the audience, he put a stress on imparting the value of empathy to the children.
The chief guest on the second day was Padma Bhushan Shri B. K Chaturvedi, Chairman Managing Committee DPS Sec 122, Noida. The guests of honour were Dr Vibha Chaturvedi, Rtd Professor, Delhi University and Dr Kiran Datar, Ex Principal of Miranda House and Member of Managing Committee DPS Sec 122 Noida.
Welcoming the elite guests, Principal Ms.Vibha Singh threw light on the school's constant endeavour to give each student an equal opportunity to participate in constructive activities and events through-out the year that instills confidence and a feel good factor in them. The programme began with the lighting of the lamp, followed by an enthralling song, presented by the talented school choir. The crowning glory of the day's programme was the play 'A Child’s Wish', an impressive presentation based on the concept of spreading an awareness about the importance of saving environment. The programme drew to a close with the vote of thanks proposed by the Headmistress Ms Anuradha Ganguly.
The standing ovation, as well as the smile on the faces of the content audience, was a testament to the massive success of the event that left the school echoing with the sound of applause.



It is rightly said that ‘leaders are not born, they are made.’
Investiture ceremony is one of the most prestigious ceremonies of the school. A traditional feature of Delhi Public School, the first ever investiture at DPS School, Sec 122, Noida. was organised in the school’s amphitheatre on 15th October,2022. Respected Principal Ma’am lighted the auspicious lamp symbolising a new ray of hope which reminded us of the trust and confidence that we repose in our newly elected cabinet.
The school choir welcomed the newly selected school council to reflect the quality of believing in oneself for a better tomorrow with a song-
‘We have a vision for tomorrow-just believe.’ The Student Council marched with dignity which reflected the value of discipline at Delhi Public School,122, Noida. A talk show was presented wherein qualities of trust, leadership, discipline teamwork and time management were put forth. Foreseeing the welfare of the student's future to train them in leadership skills the school's student council was selected after rigorous and democratic process in which the students had to go through many steps to get selected for the much- coveted student council body. The oath taking ceremony was solemnised with poise and dignity.
The ceremony ended with Principal Ma’am’s message followed by National Anthem.